Still not a Venus Patrol member? From now until the end of the year, we’re offering 40% off a one year membership when you visit and use the coupon code ENDOF2012.

When you become a member, we’ll instantly send you a link to all of the exclusive games, art & music you see here, including the brand new Sound & Light wallpaper set for your PC & mobile devices by Maré Odomo!

You’ll also get:

• GUN GODZ, the tongue-in-cheek hip-hop-inspired action game for Windows & Mac, from SUPER CRATE BOX developers Vlambeer, featuring a theme song from underground hip-hop legend Dose One!

• CAPSULE, an ultra-atmospheric space-survival adventure for Windows & Mac, from CANABALT creator Adam Saltsman & DEEP SEA designer Robin Arnott!

• A pack of MINECRAFT character skins from ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendleton Ward!

• A 1.5 hour live DJ set from Baiyon, designer of games like PIXELJUNK EDEN & PIXELJUNK 4AM!

• Two more PC/mobile wallpaper sets from KATAMARI DAMACY creator Keita Takahashi, and LITTLEBIGPLANET & TEARAWAY designer Rexbox!

You can also subscribe to Venus Patrol for just $3 per month and receive everything above, minus the exclusive games.

We hope you’ll decide to become a Venus Patrol member, or at least pass word along to any friends that might be interested! Getting Venus Patrol off the ground has made 2012 an amazing year, and everyone in the extended family is looking forward to bringing you a lot of new surprises in 2013! Happy holidays!


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